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Property Disputes Laws come into play when the title or ownership of an immovable property (such as land or an apartment) is challenged or is ambiguous. People are often found to be in need of Property Management Lawyers to help them in India with land that they have either inherited or purchased. Whether there are issues related to ownership or resolution of some other such matter, people seek legal advice that could help them come up with feasible solutions.

Ownership records are not always easy to trace out and often, the registry details have been either lost or not been recorded properly – hence they often feel the need of seeking advice. The single most important requirement is to have the status of the title clearly established through updated documents. In most cases these papers are either lost or have not been updated for a long time, resulting in damage to their property rights in India. In these matters, one has to be prepared that he will be faced with some common challenges


Primary Srevices
  • Title check
  • Checking of crucial documents during sale, purchase, lease and rent for immovable properties
  • Important documentation such as deeds, property agreements, and a lot more
  • Mutation with the statutory authorities
  • Properties maintenance for NRIs
Service Areas
  • Property disputes
  • Sale and purchase matters
  • Transfer of ownership matters
  • Construction
  • Partition
  • Evaluation
  • Conversion
  • Lease
  • License
  • Due diligence on property title
  • Due diligence on compliance aspects of property
Property Litigation Areas
  • Acquisitions and divestment in India of industrial and commercial buildings, hotels and resorts apart from individual residences and agricultural properties
  • Builder and purchaser cost-sharing agreements
  • Builders Cost Sharing Agreements
  • Commercial and retail leasing
  • Construction and development financing
  • Disputes regarding sale of property
  • Land (including agricultural) Leases
  • Land Acquisition Cases
  • Land acquisition cases
  • Leaseback Contracts
  • Partition of Property, disputes arising out of ancestral and self earned property
  • Project management and construction agreements with builders.
  • Rent Disputes.

How We Can Help You With Your Property Matters

Property law matters are often very complex and involve various laws including the local laws where the property is located hence the services of expert property lawyer becomes very important under these circumstances. We provide all services of legal advice, litigation services, legal documentation services in the fields of property laws in India.

We have a dedicated team for handling the real estate matters which includes the team of legal, para legal, techno legal manpower for all project advice matters, check on compliance, advice on all environmental and land use issues. We are already providing these services to renowned real estate companies.

Our Property Law attorneys experience benefits you in several key areas. We:

  • Clarify options and potential scenarios surrounding your case.
  • Assist you in collecting the proper documentation.
  • Correctly classify the application and ensure requirements are met.
  • Prepare and submit all forms and documentation.
  • Communicate with the appropriate government staff.
  • Monitor the entire documentation process.

Property Law Attorney Experience & Responsiveness that Makes a Difference. Our Attorney Pledge:

  • 100% focused on processing your documentation and case quickly & successfully.
  • Strong Property Law experience & deep knowledge of legal aspects in India.
  • Best in class service and a commitment to open, responsive communication.
  • Outstanding level of Property lawyer service at an affordable FLAT rate.
  • To discuss your case call: (415)-693-9131 or Mail Us.

Something very important you may want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    Can OCI card holders purchase property in India?

    OCI card holders can purchase residential and commercial properties in India. But they are not permitted to purchase agricultural land, including farmland or any kind of plantation property.

  2. 2
    Can a foreign national of non-Indian origin resident outside India purchase immovable property in India?

    No. A foreign national of non-Indian origin, resident outside India cannot purchase any immovable property in India unless such property is acquired by way of inheritance from a person who was resident in India. However, he/she can acquire or transfer immovable property in India, on lease, not exceeding five years. In such cases, there is no requirement of taking any permission of/ or reporting to the Reserve Bank of India.

  3. 3
    Can a foreign national who is a person resident in India purchase immovable property in India?

    Yes, a foreign national who is a ‘person resident i n India’ within the meaning of Section 2(v) of FEMA, 1999 can purchase immovable property in India, but the person concerned would have to obtain the approvals and fulfil the requirements, if any, prescribed by other authorities, such as, the State Government concerned, etc. The onus to prove his/her residential status is on the individual as per the extant FEMA provisions, if required by any authority.However, a foreign national resident in India who is a citizen of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, China, Iran, Nepal and Bhutan would require prior approval of the Reserve Bank.


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