Arbitration is a well-established and widely used means to resolve the Alternative disputes. It is one of the several kinds of Alternative Dispute Resolution, which provide parties to a controversy with a choice other than litigation. Unlike litigation, arbitration takes place out of court: the two sides select an impartial third party, We are involved in doing Arbitration ,Conciliation and mediation for various national and multinational companies, public sectors and individuals throughout India and outside India wherever the arbitration takes place. Our Firm lawyers are expertise in arbitration.


  • Carrying out domestic arbitrations under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 as amended by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act of 2015 and the Indian Council of Arbitration Rules (ICA).
  • Carrying out International Arbitrations under the UNCITRAL and International Court of Arbitration (ICC) rules, Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) and other international arbitration bodies.
  • Drafting and review of arbitration clauses in contracts, arbitration agreements, notices, section 9 and 11 applications, statement of claim, rejoinders, interim applications, replies, affidavits and other legal documentation.
  • Providing mediation and conciliation services to the client.
  • Execution and enforcement of domestic & foreign awards.
  • Challenging the enforcement of arbitral awards.
  • Representations before all courts, tribunals, forums, with respect to disputes arising out of non compliance of arbitration clauses in an agreement.
  • Drafting applications for staying the proceedings in cases of breach of any of the arbitration clauses in an ongoing arbitration.
  • Advisory services to the client with reference to narrowing down on suitable venue for conducting arbitration proceedings domestically and internationally.
  • Advisory services provided to the client pertaining to alternative dispute resolution laws and procedures.

How We Can Help You With Your Arbitration

Rai & Associates actively involved with the Arbitration proceeding involving heavy stakes for their business disputes, is doing arbitration and mediation in all over India for their various national and multinational companies, individuals and public sector. Arbitration is the branch of law practice, which is very sensitive, and it need to be very careful. Our Arbitration lawyers are always impartial for all types of mediation cases to give expert advise and decision to our clients. Doing business in today’s complex economy requires careful financial planning and sound business practices, but it also requires awareness of legal hazards and effective plans for protection against them. Rai & Associates provide a full compliment of legal services with offices in U.S. and India. The Law firm’s experienced attorneys, knowledgeable and accomplished in a wide variety of practice areas, value your trust and confidence and are prepared to represent, preserve and protect your interests.

Our Arbitration attorneys experience benefits you in several key areas. We:

  • Clarify options and potential scenarios surrounding your case.
  • Assist you in collecting the proper documentation.
  • Correctly classify the application and ensure requirements are met.
  • Prepare and submit all forms and documentation.
  • Communicate with the appropriate government staff.
  • Monitor the entire documentation process.

Arbitration Attorney Experience & Responsiveness that Makes a Difference. Our Attorney Pledge:

  • 100% focused on processing your documentation and case quickly & successfully.
  • Strong Arbitration lawyer experience & deep knowledge of legal aspects in India.
  • Best in class service and a commitment to open, responsive communication.
  • Outstanding level of Arbitration lawyer service at an affordable FLAT rate.
  • To discuss your case call: (415)-693-9131 or Mail Us.

Something very important you may want to know

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    What is arbitration and reconcliliation?

    Arbitration and conciliation are methods of alternate dispute resolution. They allow legal disputes to be outside a Court of law.

  2. 2
    Who are in need of arbitration?

    A person, corporation or business that wishes to resolve a legal dispute without resorting to the long drawn process of traditional litigation, or, a person or corporation party to a contract containing an arbitration clause as disputes arising from such contracts must be settled through arbitration alone.

  3. 3
    Why do you need an arbitration lawyer?

    An experienced Arbitration Lawyer will be able to represent you the besr in alternate dispute resolution proceedings. Also, an Arbitration Lawyer will help you get interim relief from the courts pending Arbitration and/or conciliation proceedings.

  4. 4
    Can a party challenge the appointment of an Arbitrator?

    Yes, if circumstances exist that give rise to justifiable doubts as to the Arbitrator’s independence or impartiality, or if he does not possess the qualification agreed to by the parties. A party may challenge an Arbitrator appointed by him, or in whose appointment he has participated only for reasons, of which he becomes aware, after the appointment has been made.

  5. 5
    When does the Arbitration commence ?

    Unless otherwise agreed by the parties, the Arbitration proceedings commence on the date on which a request for the dispute to be referred to Arbitration is received by the respondent.

  6. 6
    What would be the place of Arbitration ?

    The parties are free to agree on the place of Arbitration. Failing any agreement between the parties, the place of Arbitration shall be determined by the Arbitral Tribunal having regard to the circumstances of the case, taking into consideration, the convenience of the parties. Notwithstanding the above rules, the Tribunal may, unless otherwise agreed by the parties, meet at any place it considers appropriate for consultation among its members, for hearing witnesses, experts or the parties, or for inspection of documents, or goods or other property.


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